About Big Dipper Projects, Inc.

Big Dipper Projects, Inc. is me, Deirdre Harrison, and my lively tribe of fundraising professionals, grant writers, content writers, designers, event producers, producers, IT folks, and performing and teaching artists. We serve individuals and small to midsize nonprofits and businesses, with a focus on the arts and education sectors. And the Big Dipper Projects team cannot do something you need, we probably know someone who can!

With over 30 years of experience working in and for arts and education institutions and projects in the United States and Europe, the past 21 in Chicago, Deirdre is equipped to help you and your organization grow and strengthen your contributed income and giving community, retool systems, or launch an impactful program, campaign or event which gathers your folks and new funds.

Together, we’ll reimagine your story, tell it effectively, or rethink and implement work flow and systems for your team. Though based in Chicago, we are pros at working remotely, and have a constellation of partners across the US.

Creativity and learning are everyone’s domain. I believe in and am a practitioner of lifelong learning, and will coach you or your team to rediscover or strengthen skills, talents, and knowledge which help generate new solutions from within and more effectively assess what assets, people or systems you may need to add to the mix. Unleashing and directing untapped potential is the best investment you can make in your team, your organization and the work you put into the world.